Dive Charters & Travel

Diver's Den Georgia is proud to offer a premier off shore charter experience. Home ported in St Mary's Georgia, we cover most of the Georgia coast and a good portion of the North Florida coast as well. Aboard our 26' Shamrock, guests will be treated to some of the finest dive sites the east coast has to offer. 



We offer:

  • All-inclusive package deals
  • All day 2 tank scuba charters
  • Fossil dives
  • In-shore
  • Offshore fishing
  • Eco tours & sunset cruises.

We cordially invite you to be our guest!

Dive Trips

Diver's Den runs regular trips to the springs at least once a month. In addition, we offer a galaxy dive at Ginnie Springs once a quarter, this is an amazing trip if you've never had the pleasure of taking part in one. We dive shortly after dusk and release non-toxic glow stick liquid into the spring head and it causes an effect that can only be compared to floating through an old Windows screen saver (stars drifting by you). It's a great time and we usually make a camping trip out of the weekend.