Advanced Nitrox / Deco

Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures This is the first step on the tech diver training ladder. Although technically separate courses (with considerable overlap between them), in North America they are almost always taken as a combined program, in so far as you really need both to participate in the kind of tech diving we do here.

Tech Diver
As the name implies, the Deco Procedures portion of the program addresses what you do when your dives take you beyond recreational no-stop limits. The Advanced Nitrox portion addresses safely using EANx mixtures in excess of 40 percent — which is essential in that, if you are going to do deco, the only common sense way to do it is by taking advantage of the shorter stop times and more effective off-gassing afforded by pure oxygen and oxygen-rich mixtures.

Cave Diver
The Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures program meets an important prerequisite. not only for further technical training, but also for cave diving, where O2 deco is the norm. Increasingly, cave instructors want to see students who have completed at least this level of tech training before venturing into Cave Diver courses.



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Who Can Learn

This course has the following prerequisites:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess a minimum of PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and Enriched Air Nitrox certification (or equivalent).
  • Have logged at least 25 dives (successful candidates typically have considerably more).
  • Be able to answer No to all questions on the PADI/RSTC Medical History form, or secure a physician’s approval for diving prior to the start of the course.

What is involved in learning to dive?

This course consists of self-study, classroom discussions, skill-development sessions in the pool, and open-water dives and training exercises. It takes four evenings and three (very) full days.

Where Do I Learn

We conduct the classroom and pool portions of the course here at Diver’s Den. Initial open-water training may take place at our local lake or one of the nearby springs. The final training dives take place from our boat.

When Can I Learn?

Advanced EANx/Deco courses take place on an as need basis. We spend Monday and Tuesday evenings in the classroom, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the pool, and all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday in open water.


Separately, the Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures courses cost $449 each.

By taking the together, you pay only $799 - a savings of nearly $100.

Course fees include:

  • All instruction.
  • Self-study materials.
  • Certification card processing.
  • Students are responsible for supplying:
  • Personal diving equipment (see list below).
  • All air or gas fills.
  • Dive site admission or charter fees.
  • Transportation to and from dive sites.
  • Accommodations and meals, as needed.

What Equipment Will You Need?

  • Students are responsible for supplying the following:
  • Mask, fins.
  • Adequate exposure protection.
  • Dual cylinders with isolation manifold.
  • Technical diving harness and air cell.
  • Two high-performance regulators (preferably piston style) with DIN connectors, configured for technical diving.
  • At least one O2-clean deco bottle with O2-clean regulator and SPG.
  • Either two mission-capable dive computers, or one computer and a back-up depth gauge and timer.
  • Decompression tables and slates.
  • One primary and two back-up lights.
  • Audible surface signal.
  • Surface marking buoy (safety tube).
  • Primary reel.
  • Two cutting tools.

The preceding list is not intended to be used as a checklist for purchasing the least-adequate items that marginally fit the description of what is needed. Every single piece of technical diving gear must meet very stringent and specific requirements.

Do not purchase any equipment without first consulting our staff.