Diver's Den Georgia's modern, well maintained compressor, blending and storage system will exceed all of your tank filling needs.

We pre-mix and bank EAN32, meaning that you can get Nitrox fills as fast and as easily as air fills.

For tech divers, our state-of-the-art mixing stick allows us to pre-mix Nitrox up to EAN40 and almost any usable Trimix mixture — without the time or inherent inaccuracies associated with partial-pressure blending.

We offer paintball air fills. High Pressure Air cyinder fills only, sorry no CO2. We can fill only to 3400psi.

Tri-Hunter Mixing System The Tri-Hunter is a continuous blending Trimix and Nitrox mixing stick in a league all of its own. It eliminates expensive and inefficient partial pressure gas blending. Due to a proprietary electronics/software package known as the Accublend, it is the only mixing stick that does not require you to drain the existing mix from your tanks. Instead you can top off an existing mix and save expensive gas. Additionally, this device works with your compressor, making a Haskel unnecessary.

We also bank pure O2 for deco. We take pride in the fact that our fill prices have not changed in 10 years!
Description Price
Single-Tank Air Fill $6
Single-Tank Nitrox Fill $12
20-Tank Air Fill Card $100
20-Tank Nitrox Fill Card $200
Double fills are twice the applicable single-tank rate.