You get full access to our private indoor swimming pool, the water is 90 degrees everyday of the year (you should see our power bill!!). We have a small kitchen area, with fridge and freezer, to keep the ice cream cold while you swim. Private bathroom and changing area are available immediately off the pool deck. We also provide tables and chairs as well. You are welcome to decorate as much as you'd like, just no confetti 🙂

We offer two different party packages:

The 1st is our Swim Party. The Swim Party is a 2 hour block on a Saturday. We have plenty of pool toys and a selection of masks, fins, and snorkels for the kids to play with. The cost is $150 for up to 10 children, ($5/child for any additional, with a max of 20).

The 2nd is our Discover SCUBA party. This is a 3 hour block on a Saturday. Children aged 12 and up may participate in this amazing chance to discover the joys of breathing underwater! Our highly trained teaching staff will guide children through a brief classroom presentation. Afterwards we fit each child out with their own SCUBA equipment and enter the pool. Once we go over a few safety details, we put on our fins and play games in the deep end. This is highly controlled learning experience, a course that our team has perfected over many years. The cost for the Discover SCUBA party is $250, with a maximum of 9 participants.

Don't worry Mom and Dad...We got an option for you adults too!

If you are looking for a nice place to throw a get-together for the gang, look no further! We hosted plenty of grown-up parties as well. Bring the grill and enjoy the nice warm water. Up to 20 people can enjoy the pool. The cost is $150 for up to 10 adults ($5 per person past the 1st ten, max of 20 people).