Rentals, Sales & Services

Diver's Den Georgia is an authorized, full service retailer for many of diving's top name brands.

But if it's not time yet to buy your own gear, you can rent almost everything you need from us!

Once you do own your own gear, the key to peak equipment performance is regular professional maintenance.

Plus Diver's Den can handle all of your tank filling needs!

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Dive Gear Sales

Diver's Den Georgia is a factory authorized, full service dealer for all of scuba diving’s top brands.

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Dive Gear Rentals

Whatever your equipment rental needs, Diver’s Den Georgia’s comprehensive rental department can help.

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Gas Fills

Diver's Den Georgia's clean, modern compressor, blending and storage system can meet all your breathing needs.

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Dive Gear Service

If you want to get the greatest possible return on your investment in dive equipment, come see us.

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