John Spyker 

Diver's Den Training Director

NASE Instructor Trainer

BSAST Nuclear Engineering Technologies

ICPM Certified Manger

Born and Raised in Erie Pennsylvania

John's military service brought him to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay (NSB-KB) in 2004. In early 2007, he was assigned duty as the ship's rescue swimmer and was ordered to Diver's Den to acquire the necessary gear.  Unaware of the diving community in the area ignorant sport in general, John was excited to hear, after lengthy discussion with Diver's Den Staff, about all the exciting diving opportunities the area had to offer.  He immediacy signed up for an Open Water Dive Class and was hooked after his first breath underwater. 

During the subsequent years up to 2009, John dove every opportunity that arose and was active in the diving community and the shop, earning his Divermaster certification through Diver’s Den in late 2008.  In late 2009, his military duties sent him to Guam, where he resided for three years until 2012 and earned his Open Water Instructor and Specialty Instructor Certification through Guam Tropical Dive Center (GTDS).

Between 2012 and 2016, John was stationed in Virginia Beach, visiting Saint Mary’s and Diver’s Den at every opportunity and occasionally teaching classes.   In 2016, he received orders back to NSB-KB and became actively engaged in the shop as an instructor, earning a Master Instructor Credential in mid-2016.  He was appointed as Training Director in late 2016 and earned an Instructor Trainer Credential from Aquatic Ventures in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 2019.

Some diving areas where John has been fortunate to dive are: Guam, Saipan, Palau, the Philippine Islands, Malaysia, Palau, Bahamas, Great Lakes, North Carolina, Key West, the quarries in Virginia, the springs of North Florida, Tampa (Clearwater) Florida, Panama City Florida and West Palm Beach Florida.  Despite the many tropical diving locations he has visited, the waters offshore South East Georgia are by far his favorite places to dive.

John enjoys teaching, spearfishing, fossil (black water river) diving and wreck diving.

John is currently working on technical and cave diving certifications.